mBraining PrayerWheels OLD

In mBraining, we have shown that neuroscience has discovered that we have complex, adaptive and functional neural networks, or ‘brains’, in our heart and gut. So we actually have 3 brains. Each of these brains has what we call its ‘Highest Expression’, this is its most adaptive and integrative competency. For the Heart it is Compassion, for the Head it is Creativity and for the gut it is Courage. And each requires the other to do the wisest form. These Highest Expressions are now being validated by science, but they have been known about for thousands of years. The Bonpo, the Bon religion of Nepal Mustang and Tibet regions, have said that for a person to live a wise life, they must master three skills, Compassion in the heart, Creativity in the head and Courage in the gut.

So the mBraining PrayerWheels, provide a physical mechanism to focus on the Highest Expressions. The Highest Expression words are carved in sanskrit on each of the wheels. The first wheel is Wood and is Compassion (for organic, growing, from the living tree of life), Metal is for Creativity (for the creativity that humans imbue into the ore to smelt and transform it into metal) and Stone is for Courage (for the strength of stone and rock and the core of our wonderful planet earth). Inside the metal wheel are prayers. When you spin the wheels in ‘foundational sequence’ i.e. Heart, then Head, then Gut you are doing an embodied physical embedded command to embrace and live from the Wisdom of your Highest Expressions.